Monday, November 07, 2005

A brief history...My martial Journey

My martial arts journey began in the mid 1980's.
I studied for a too brief six months under Mickey Fisher in Salt Lake City at the Utah Black Belt Acadamy. His Shintoshi style is regarded by many to be the first purely American martial art. This is a point that is debated by EPAK kenpo stylists. As Parker's American Kenpo is rooted in Kara-Ho Kenpo and Fisher's Shintoshi borrows much from Tang Soo Do and other arts,
I think while both offer a new perspective, it is hard to define which had a fresher, more unique approach to the arts.

I learned the importance of conditing while studying under Mickey. Students who were approaching black belt level had to be able to run a five minute mile before being able to test. If skills are equal, the better conditioned martial artist will prevail. Mickey always stressed a positive, but fiesty attitude. Moving out of state ended my studies there.