Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The late 80's

I continued my martial journey in Idaho under Sifu Peter Scott. I studied Chinese 5 animals Kempo under Mr. Scott.

He also taught Shotokan. While I absorbed a lot in a short time at his school, sadly increased lease rates and job oppotunities elsewhere forced him to close his doors--after 3 months. (ugh!)

In my late junior and senior years in high school I met a very strange Japanese boy named Kazuhiko Ishii. He was a nidan (2nd degree black) in Aikido. I watched him execute a perfect nikkyo on the poor boy who tried to play "keep away" with the exchange student's caluculus book (hey, he IS Japanese). This planted a seed.

Hiro (as Kazuhiko was to his friends) became one of my best friends in high school. While we never trained together, the seed was nonetheless planted.

Scattered trips to Salt Lake helped my to begin my informal training in Wado ryu, outdoors on the front lawn of a local middle school.

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