Friday, March 31, 2006


My learning curve is growing quickly since I have started Roasting to Order this month. I have already had some repeat customers, so that is a good sign. I've roasted Costa Rican La Minita Tarrazu, Ethiopian Harrar, and Ethiopian Sidamo.

The La Minita was probably the most finicky of the bunch for me, as it seemed to have more of a narrow window to hit just the right 'sweet spot'. The Sidamo was very popular, as I sold out of my available stock on my 3rd day of taking orders. The aromatics on the Sidamo are incredible. Sort of a plum/raisin coffee with just a hint of black pepper in the finish. For me the deeper plum--maybe fig(?) notes intensify as it cools. Whatever the hell it is... good cup.

I was sick the previous week so I hadn't had a chance to cup the Harrar. I just crossed my fingers and trusted I would roast it just right for the three customers that had already ordered it. I roasted enough to save a small batch for myself and yesterday, I finally had a chance to cup everything. WOW! Blueberry up the wazoo! Blueberry aromatics, blueberry in the cup, and a nice little chocolate tone as it cools. Many times I have to search for some of the flavors that should be present. Most of this is just a lack of experience as a cupper... not being able to put a particular name to a particular flavor every time--but that's coming along ok so far.
But with this Harrar, there was no guesswork. Wonderful.
I am roasting 2 more pounds of this wonderful coffee tomorrow for some new customers.
I rock! :)