Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I've been getting a number of requests over the past several months to do some consulting work. Among all of the daily questions from customers, newbie 'barista', and start-ups this is something I may consider pursuing. I think, "But I have so much to learn." It comes as a surprise to me that many people are not willing to seek out information on their own. Sure many of us in the industry exchange ideas and a few techniques, but one needs to show a certain level of commitment, a pursuit of perfection that can innoculate all the swill-drinkers against their malaise.

How can you be in the business for five, ten, even twenty years and serve garbage? Do you even want to learn how to not cripple the public's taste buds with your carbon ridden, tongue biting brew? I say, "Catch up, join the 'Third Wave' or get left behind." Morning comes once a day, but that chance to inspire comes every moment. Isn't it better to inspire than to poison? :)

I guess it is appropriate to look at greed as a disease, because in my opinion that is the difference between putting the coffee/espresso first and putting the profits first. It would be fair to say all of us want success. But who will you f$#! in order to get it? Low quality, overroasted beans that sit for weeks--sometimes even months, hoardes of untrained 'barista' all because of owners who don't care, or worse, who don't know. There is no excuse for stupidity, but if it was a crime, we'd all see the wrong side of a cell.

So at the end of my rambling; it once again comes to educating the public. Especially those who choose to enter the fray. Consult? I'm still perfecting my craft, but to that Tom, Dick, or Harriet who has the passion, but doesn't have the time to pursue caffeinated enlightenment on their own--if you're interested, I'm sure we can work something out--over a nice cup of coffee.