Friday, August 25, 2006

A New Addition

Creating an espresso for limited use has its problems, but for the most part, this is not too difficult of a task. However, creating a new espresso as a permanant addition that can be used day in and day out is a daunting task indeed. (indeed! WTF??) Creating an espresso that works well as a shot, and also comes through in the milk, that is distictive, but not too distinctive, that has good mouthfeel, is complex, but not too complex, and has good persistence of flavor is what I am working on doing.

After finishing a couple hours of roasting, I will begin on Monday with what I have theorized in my head will work, and work well. I will do such and such percentage of these beans and adjust grind for flow, etc. When that seems right, I will begin to test. I will experiment with a range of temperatures until I find the 'sweet spot' for that particular manifestation of that blend.

Then I will adjust the percentages, and repeat the process.
And again.
at this point I will compare all three versions and determine a winner.

(Several (even more) inane details have been omitted to spare the reader.)