Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Uninitiated Customer

New customers are great. But not all new customers are created equal. Some have had the unfortunate problem of frequenting the typical chain store or the "I serve shit in a cup and call it coffee" independant store. I am glad that most new customers do not fall into this category, but here is a hypothetical, but somewhat illustrative morning. While word has spread that we are 'all about the coffee' some people still need to be educated, and for the most part, it's awesome having the opportunity to do so.

New Customer:....."Uh... I'd like a coffee."
AikiBarista:......"We don't do drip coffee, but I can make you an excellent Americano."

Customer:........"Americano, no room."

New Customer: "Can I have a Grande blended Mocha?"
AikiBarista: "I can make you a really good iced mocha, we don't do blended drinks."

Customer:........"Small mocha. Can you make one of those flowers on the top?"

New Customer: "Sixteen ounce cappuccino."
AikiBarista: "We do traditional cappuccino, six ounces...."


New Customer: "Can I have a 24 ounce caramel macchiatto?"
Aikibarista: "?????"

Customer........"Macchiatto..... and how about a shot of espresso as well."

The frequency of people asking for drip or blended drinks or twenty ounce hot anything (only 12 and 16 here) has almost reached a point of zero. I'm happy that we are doing our part to educate the coffee community. One cup at a time baby, one cup at a time.