Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mountain Mambo Espresso

I am proud to announce caffe d'bolla has a new espresso blend.

Mountain Mambo espresso is a 100% arabica blend of three different beans. It begins with a light Meyer lemon followed by a smooth nut and spice middle with a muted fruit and nut finish. To ensure quality we proudly offer whole bean only.

Recommended brewing parameters are ~9 BAR @ 199 degrees and a 27 second extraction. Crema should be thick, dark golden brown. 1.5 ounce double will highlight the deeper fruit and nut tones. a 2 ounce double will produce a brighter cup.

Currently any online orders are roasted on Sundays and shipped Monday or Tuesday to ensure freshness. This espresso is not ready to use until four days after roasting.
Please contact me at [caffedbolla AT] if you wish to place an order.