Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Men (should) Buy Drinks

One thing that we have noticed occurring with an alarming regularity is that boys are no longer behaving, or taught to behave, as men.

We have several groups of late high school and early college girls who come to our caffe for drinks, and tagging along with them are their (only God knows why) boyfriends or just boy friends. The girls all promptly order and when asked what you can get started for them, the boys reply with a "Oh, I'm good."

There was a day not long ago when any young man of wage earning age would be embarrassed to accompany the fairer sex and not either A) buy something for them, or B) Buy something for themselves. This says a lot about the erosion of the nuclear family, and the lack of male leadership in the home, the falling away of boys being taught to be men.

Men belly up to the bar. Men buy drinks. Too many young ladies accompanied by boys.


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onocoffee said...

Could this be another sign of the emasculation of the American Male? That continuing trend of gender inequality where the New American Male is wearing too tight jeans, listening to emo and crying?

Or could this be mere fallout from the destabilization of fellatio amongst American youth? Where the relative ease of Friendly Fellatio means that the male no longer has to work as hard to impress the female?

Thoughts to ponder...