Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saddle Up!

This afternoon a GEN-U-INE cowboy complete with chaps, grizzled weathered skin, authentic hat, and good-natured, if not a bit rough, charm.

He was in from Montana on a visit to the hospital at the University. He had black coffee written all over his worn boots. Well... I was wrong he had "twelve ounce latte with an extra shot" written all over his dark sunglasses.

He was hanging outside to wait for his friend who had "wandered up to the Subway to grab him a sandwich". He comes back in and says, "That was some damn fine coffee. I'll have another."

His friend, looking too much like Mad Jack from Grizzly Adams, showed up and they proceeded to ask about our mugs for sale. Well the Cowboy's eyes lit up when he spotted his prize. "I've looked all over Billings and Great Falls and couldn't find one of these." He brought his demitasse up to the counter and said, "now I have a proper espresso cup."


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